[…] A great moment of tango. […]

Leipziger Volkszeitung, 09.08.2017

[…] Cuarteto Rotterdam can with good reason be regarded as one of the best European tango ensembles.

TANGO Reporter, April 2010

[…] These are multifaceted masterstrokes defined by elaborate adaptations, ingenious, sometimes even humorous play, and interpretations that are both expressive and sensitive. […]

el tango, Heft 06, Jahrgang 2010

[…] For Cuarteto Rotterdam, one of the most successful European tango groups, played their mixture of old classics and Tango Nuevo. […] Nowhere else on the continent does one play such concertante and refined music, which offers everything from melancholy right through to joyous. Cuarteto Rotterdam demonstrated precisely this. […]

Heilbronner Stimme, 02.11.2009

[…] Did the walls of Oranienburg’s Church of St. Nicholas ever held such musical power and tenderness, passion and melancholy before? The flames of the fireworks of sound flew high, loaded with virtuosity, refined arrangements, expressiveness and romantic and sensual interpretations. Around 600 guests, who at some points appeared to hold their breath and who almost raised the roof at the end with their cries of encore, experienced the tango as fellow travellers, in its most artistically ambitious and expressive form. […]

Märkische Allgemeine, 11.08.2009

[…] Refreshingly competent […] Upon listening to the music of Cuarteto Rotterdam, one immediately recognises the profound knowledge of tango music and the style in which it must be played. […] The ensemble manages with ease to sound astonishingly voluminous and yet compact when necessary. […]

Tangodanza, Nr. 3 2009

[…] The first album from “Cuarteto Rotterdam” is the indisputable CD of the month. […] This album succeeds in softening the contrast that many see between the tango that one dances and the tango that one listens to. […]

La Salida, April-Mai 2009

[…] Captivation by sound […] On the stage, the small tango orchestra conjured for its listeners a tango world brimming with every form of emotion using experience, creativity and fantasy. […]

Schwarzwälder Bote, 31.03.2009

[…] Enchanting! […] Cuarteto Rotterdam impresses the listener with musical precision in an extremely successful combination with sensual, almost lyrical music recital. […] Wonderful! […] Rating: Highly valuable

Eine Plauderei über den Tango Argentino, 01.03.2009

[…] I […] was amazed at the power they generate. Elaborate arrangements enhance the quartet’s sound. […] Don’t miss the pleasurable opportunity of seeing these four thoroughbred musicians live on stage and enjoying the unique experience of listening and dancing. […] There are more really great hits on this CD. Just listen for yourself. Preferably live! […]

un loco, 03.09.2008

[…] This very remarkable German tango ensemble consists of excellent musicians featuring elaborate skills, great ease and a deep understanding of the soul of music and their instruments. […]

TANGO Reporter, August 2008

[…] (They) like it tough, vivacious and vigorous, but still a little rough, powerful and sometimes with a touch of irony. Their performance goes without pathos and needless effects, it is rather puristical. […] They brilliantly apply variations in speed and dynamics, thus giving prominent features to the different characters. […]

Landeszeitung Lüneburg, 21.07.2008

[…] Its trump cards are the professional excellence of its members and their knowledge of the tango and its history, which has allowed them to develop a sound of their own. […] In short, an interesting piece of work for an orchestra, […] which puts its name to a promising piece of work of unquestionable quality.

Tangorama, Nr. 6 Februar 2008

[…] These recordings represent the best and most interesting tango music that I have heard in a long time. […] (They) apply sheer skill in tango, produce superb arrangements and achieve a high degree of artistic creativity in 17 music pieces. […] Stirringly played, perfect but lively. […] Their music is simply both, art and dance music. […]

Tangodanza, Nr. 1 2008

[…] When listening to the full arrangements it sounds like more than four musicians are playing. […] In particular the counter melody piano part by Judy Ruks and vibrant bass parts played by Frances Dorling […] are also a factor. […] Cuarteto Rotterdam shows us that it is still possible to give an innovative twist today when playing the heavy music from yesteryear.

La Cadena, November 2007

[…] The way the four musicians interact with each other in their play is excellent right from the start. They are unique in such a way that they play the traditional tango pieces using subtle arrangements. […] The quartet does not sound academic at all. On the contrary, they play with true feeling and do an excellent job of achieving the tango-typical tone of melancholy, desire and defiance. […] Elegantly restrained temperament and subtle conclusions give their style its own, unique profile. […]

Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, 22.09.2007

[…] The four of them play the tango, providing feelings of morbid fragility to a perpetual state of limbo between happiness, suspense and deep melancholy. You never know what type of feeling the music will evoke from one second to the next. […]

Heilbronner Stimme, 24.07.2006



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